Temple of tooth-kandy


Sri Dalada Maligawa(temple of tooth) is the temple which houses relic tooth of the budha, which is situated in Kandy, srilanka.this temple played a very important role in ancient politics, it is believed whoever holds the relic they will hold the governance.

I took cab from negombo to Kandy because I don’t want to go Colombo and take bus or train. It took 2 hrs 30 min to reach Kandy ,reached hotel around 1 pm took  1 hr rest and came out around 2 pm had food in one local restaurant and food tastes awesome and fell in love with chilly chutney.

Started walking towards temple which is around 1km from restaurant, reached temple and bought entrance ticket (cost of tickets are given down).

Basic things to follow while entering in to the temple:

 Cover yourself well, lowers should be below knee level and top wear should be proper otherwise they will give wraps or scarf’s to cover yourself.
 You’re not supposed to show your back to relic or Buddha statue while taking pictures.
 You have to leave your footwear outside in designated area while entering in to the temple (socks are allowed).

What you can expect:

Most of the time temple is very calm and quiet; you can experience that peacefulness and wonderful architecture of the temple. there is also museum where you can actually know about history of the temple, what it has gone through, ancient ornaments, coins, vessels they used in ancient times.

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